About Us

We always baked for pleasure: cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and anything else someone wanted for their birthday or any other celebration.

One day we had the great idea to ask, “What would you like to buy?”

Meet the Baker

Hi! I’m Stacey.

Buttered Marshmallow is a dream come true—a dream I didn’t know I had!

I come from a corporate background with progressive experience in every aspect of running a company. After too many years of being told what I couldn’t do and didn’t know, I walked away from a position as a director for an international sales company. The next day I opened my bakery, Buttered Marshmallow.

I have several goals for my business, but they all boil down to one: Give my customers something they will love and crave. It’s about more than cake. It’s about the entire experience. When I see the looks on the faces of my customers as I hand them their cakes, I know my life-changing decision was exactly right.

Buttered Marshmallow is the epitome of, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day.” I never get tired of it, and I still find time to live my life. I’ve got three grown daughters and two grandgirls. While none have my passion for baking, they all have a passion for eating my cake, and that is A-OK with me.

The Buttered Marshmallow Story

Or, How We Found Our Name

The Contest

The first day of Autumn in 2017 was a scorcher. We were camping by the river, trying to stay cool, and just relaxing while having a great trip. As night fell and the air began to cool, a campfire was built to cook dinner and make s’mores. Suddenly there was a marshmallow roasting contest with the person who could make the best one being crowned, “The Winner!” There was butter on the table from dinner, so we literally grabbed a handful of it and encased a marshmallow before holding it over the fire to toast.

One might expect the fire to flame up, but that didn’t happen. Neither did the marshmallow begin to brown or burn. The only way we knew it might be cooked was when it started to hang off the stick. We took a bite and the most amazing thing happened. The entire outside shattered in our mouths and the inside exploded like a Chinese popper! It was crisp and soft and melty and buttery and absolutely delicious.

The Winning Marshmallow

As the marshmallows were presented for critique, each was judged carefully. Comments such as, “This is a beautiful golden brown,” or, “The burned edges are quite tasty,” were heard. The judge took a bite of the buttered marshmallow and as we watched it explode all over her face, she immediately exclaimed and proclaimed, “Oh my gosh, this one wins! Yes, this is the winner of all time EVER!” We spent the rest of the night making those delicious treats.

Our Name

A few weeks later at a networking event, a fire pit was set up to make s’mores. We got into a conversation with a brand identity professional and as we were discussing our baking business, we told her how to make a buttered marshmallow s’more. She responded enthusiastically with “That should be the name of your bakery!”

We got the name, the website, the Facebook page, the Instagram page, a blog, and a trademark.

Living the Dream

We create all of our own recipes, and every single item from our kitchen is made with the same passion and love that we’ve had since we first started baking. This business is not so much a business as a dream, and we are glad to be sharing it with you.